Setting Up Your eBay Store For a Vacation

Setting Up Your eBay Store For a Vacation

There are times when you need to halt your eBay listings and being a eBay store owner, this is a very simple process. 

Whether we are talking about an actual vacation or any other certain situations that require physically being away from your business such as global health issues, it is good to know that its as simple as flicking a switch, but with some considerations which we cover here for you.

When You Should Use The eBay Store Vacation Settings

It is normal to require a break sometimes. This can be a self-imposed time away from the responsibilities of adulthood. On other occasions, this can be due to a reason out of your personal control such as he Covid-2019 pandemic that has swept the world off its feet in the last few months. Whichever reason it is, you cannot just leave your eBay store completely unattended. 

Customers, especially those who have been shopping at your online store frequently, deserve to hear from you. They are definitely not going to appreciate being left hanging in the air. The same thing applies to new and potential buyers.

If you are the owner of an eBay store promising a 5-day maximum handling time and with a Fixed Price listing, you are highly recommended to set your store’s vacation settings on when you need to be away. 

What Do You Get From The eBay Store Vacation Settings

Here are the features of the Vacation Settings on your eBay store. Utilizing them will maximize the potentials for your business at all times, including those days when you are taking a break.

Message Post Regarding Your Status

You can communicate directly with your buyer once they reach your store’s homepage. The vacation settings let you post a message notifying your customers about your unavailability to handle their orders right away. In addition, you can provide your expected return date as well for their easy reference. This message is set to be shown right on top of your listings. 

Keep Your Fixed Price Listings Unavailable

When you turn on the vacation settings of your eBay store, your active Fixed Price listing are taken out and not shown on the search results for the items that you are selling. They are technically hidden temporarily until you turn off your eBay store vacation settings.

Leave Your Online Shop Open

Unlike a physical store, your eBay store remains open while you are away. You do not say no to business. This is the essence of excellent customer service. Instead of leaving your customers high and dry because you are unable to supply their needs, you are letting them know that is taking some time off and will be back to be at their service. This helps you avoid losing customers.

Setting Your eBay Store Vacation Settings

Knowing how beneficial the vacation settings feature is for your business, it is time to learn how to utilize them. Below are the step-by-step procedures of turning on your vacation settings and out-of-office response as well as turning it off when needed.

Turning On Vacation Settings

  • Log in to your eBay Store and click on the Manage My Store button located on the page’s upper right-hand corner.
    Click on Store Vacation Settings in the list of options at the bottom of the left column.
  • Click the Turn On option for the Store vacation settings. Although this is sometimes automatically selected, make sure to put a check on the two conditions below
    • Hide and block purchases from my fixed price listings
    • Display a return date. Add the date you are expecting to be available online to work shipping your customers’ orders.
  • Add a customized message directed to your customers, telling them about your status and reiterating your return date. This is also a good opportunity to encourage your customers to support your store by adding it to their favorites. 

Turning On Your Out-Of-Office Response

  • Log in to your eBay account. Go to the Messages tab and click on Change Settings. 
  • Select on the Turn On option in the Out-Of-Office email response.
  • Provide the start date and end date of the time you are away. The out-of-office response that you have created will be sent to any customers who message you within the said two dates.
  • Type down the message that you wish to send to your customers. Ideally, this should include the reason why you will be unavailable, when you will start to be unavailable and when you are expected to be back.

Turning Off Vacation Settings

  • Access your eBay store and the vacation settings (in the same way as you did when turning on the vacation settings).
  • Click to check on the Turn Off box. This automatically cancels your store’s vacation settings.

Additional eBay Store Vacation Settings Guidelines

The following are a few simple pointers to take note of regarding eBay store vacation settings to avoid unexpected surprises.

  • The fees are not going on vacation with you. The normal fees for your store, including the subscription fee and the fees for listing, remain the same.
    If you have auction-style listings that are life currently, they will not be hidden in the same that the fixed price listings are removed from the search results. You are, hereby, advised to set your auction-style listings to be live after you have completed your vacation.
  • When you Turn On your eBay store vacation settings, the failure to click to check on the option to Hide and block purchases will result in not getting an exemption from the eBay Performance Standards in case your store’s outgoing shipments fall beyond the maximum handling time you have promised to your customers.
  • In case a buyer has included your item on his watchlist and wants to buy it while you are away, he will be shown a message letting him know that you are away and unable to process any orders.
  • All the details of your listings remain unmodified. If the are not scheduled for automatic relisting or renewal, for example, they will expire as per the set date of listing expiration.
  • Once you turn on your eBay store vacation setting, it may take a few days before the listings are hidden from the search.
  • When you Turn Off your eBay store’s vacation settings, the Seller’s Other Items takes a couple of minutes or a couple of hours to be completely populated. It may also take a few days before the listings start to appear again in the search.

Using the eBay store vacation settings comes with several benefits for you and your business. It helps you enjoy your downtime full without the need to worry about losing your customers as they are aware of your status. Without this feature, your buyer might easily think that you have vanished in thin air, and they would have to look for another vendor to cater to their needs. 


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