What Do eBay Sellers Think Of eBay Stores?

What Do eBay Sellers Think Of eBay Stores?

Not all of us are experts in website design and the particulars that come with it, eBay proves to be the best gateway to our customers.

This all-in-one ecommerce store gives you as a seller the chance to offer more to your customers. It is basically an online shop where you can give your customers a shopping experience that is very much like when they go to their favorite stores and boutiques. 

Premium eBay Store buy_big_from_brandi owner Brand Trolley highlights how she feels that the eBay store requires very little from her in terms of commitment, setup, and maintenance. She says eBay gives its sellers all the possible tools needed to maintain the store successfully and without money going down the drain. 

The eBay store subscription is what makes a big difference for Randall Pinson, owner of Basic eBay store rocket-auctions. Randall runs with a basic subscription for his online shop selling clothing and accessories on eBay. His shop offers deals on a daily basis, and through the eBay store, he gets the chance to promote the rest of his items with the help of the daily deals. He appreciates eBay stores because it helps him focus on what he does best, which is finding the products and making them available for his customers. Since he is not talented in web design, he likes the fact that eBay takes care of the setup that enables him to serve his customers easily and efficiently.

Robin LeVine of Premium eBay Store bubblefast is happy with how eBay gives her the ability to bring her customers to one place where all of her products are available and organized in the manner that she wishes to. Her customers easily find the things they want as well as see items that they initially do not think of needing and end up buying more. 

Being able to tell her customers that she is on vacation is what Emily Sabako of Basic eBay Store tradrmom likes the most of eBay store. She finds it great that she does not have to close and lock up her business when she needs to go out of town. All she needs to do is let them know about it, so they are aware when the products can be shipped to them. eBay store also gives her easy access to inventory information such as the item’s length of stay in the store, so she can think about marking them down.

With these benefits from having an eBay store, there is more than enough reason for you to think about getting your own one now. You should start thinking about it for the benefit of your customers and your business as well. 


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